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Frequently Asked Contract Hauling Questions Phoenix
Bradley Transportation, Inc. Arizona 623-536-2661 | Los Angeles | Las Vegas

Can you do same day delivery? Yes

, same day delivery is available

Do you have local trucks? Yes, we do have trucks located locally

Do you do oversized loads? Yes, we can handle oversized loads

How much weight can you haul? We can haul up to 48,000 on all tucks

Can you cover/ protect our loads? All of our trucks have tarps for protection

How many trucks do you have? We stay between 30 to 35 trucks

How may trailers do you have? We have thirty 48' flat, air ride - three 80' stretch - one 48' drop deck - one 51' drop deck - one 60' long boy stretch

Can you pick up check if customer sends C.O.D. load? Yes

Do you do overweight loads? Not all, but some (no heavy haul)

Can you find me a truck to haul from other states? Yes, we also have brokerage authority

Can you do multiple pick-ups? Yes we can

bradley transportation